Shekar Thirumalai

A firm believer of Innovation driven entrepreneurship, Shekar has built his career to being an accomplished Business leader with 26 years of experience as a Finance and Operations professional. Alum of the MIT Sloan School of Management, he has worked in Healthcare, Insurance, Technology, FMCG, Outsourcing and Fulfilment industries managing business operations across multiple geographies. He does a number of outreach programs through business and social enterprises Shekar is a founder partner of Bureau Digitas and Boston Health Group. He advises corporations on Finance and Strategy. He is recognized as a thought Leader in emerging economies. Climate Change is close to his purpose an he is a trained climate change impact leader. as much as working at ensuring the needy of the world learn a skill to that will make them able enough to earn a living. Skill and Able is his commitment to the world and is an outcome of his group project at MIT Sloan. Shekar supports kids suffering from cancer through two NGO’s in india and part funds their treatment. He is also a patron of an NGO that supports child education in South india.

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