About Us

TowardsBlockchain(TBC) is dedicated to bringing the power of blockchain technology to the wider business world. TBC works with a global client base to leverage existing blockchain solutions and build new decentralized applications that power our partners business success. The team at TBC draws from a diverse pool of talent. The team has a collective experience of over 100 years across a wide gamut of industries, including Technology, Shipping, Healthcare, Education and Telecom.

TBC�s blockchain development platform �Authox� will be effectively used for self-sovereign identity, our offering is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments around the world to issue and verify records. Blockchain solution will allow governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale, rooted in any blockchain they choose.

To enable the world with real world apps our team comes a wide variety of backgrounds, including educational institutions like Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the IITs and corporations like Tesla, BP and Google. We bring industry expertise, domain knowledge and extensive experience leading initiatives across the USA, Middle East and the Asia Pacific Region to the table. Our team members have led pioneering innovations that have directly impacted the lives of over 2 Billion people. As Thought Leaders, we routinely consult with Government Agencies, leading Educational Institutions, Finance and Consulting leadership on Policy and Technology issues.

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