Kawal Arora

HKawal arora is a technologist who has over 15 years in silicon valley working as developer, architect and as technical leader in various technologies such as AI/ML ,IOT, blockchain, Microsoft technologies , java,mean-stack , python and other open source technologies. He has deep experience in developing solutions for finance , healthcare , government organizations and various startups. His clients include Federal home loan bank , Large hospitals such as kaiser , John Hopkins,government organizations such as California department of health care, startups such as prosper inc and Tesla . A proven hands on leader with expertise in putting teams together from ground up and delivering solutions end to end. His foray into blockchain full time came about when he realized the power it has for unleashing economic growth for people, completely restructuring how business is done saving money and time for enterprises .With his experience in providing solutions for enterprise and governmental organization , he quickly realize the gap that exists between current blockchain technologies and what it will take to deliver real world solutions. He set about bridging that gap with development of a platform that is now at core of blockchain solutions that TBC provides .

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