TowardsBlockchain(TBC) Inc is young, innovative multinational company focused on blockchain technology implementation. It is registered in Cambridge innovation Centre, MIT, USA and also have offices in the state of art India, Lebanon and UK. We help clients transform and succeed in challenging circumstances. The diversity and breadth of the entire TBC portfolio of education, research, consulting, delivers proofs-of-concept. The team at TBC comprises of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds of technology, finance, education etc. We specialises in providing blockchain based solutions to governments and enterprises to leverage and protect their high value and sensitive data. We believe in providing high grade enterprise product to clients at all levels of a business project, this differentiates TBC from other companies in the ecosystem. TBC offers hands-on Blockchain training to the students and industry professionals. Our one of the Founders have taught more than 1000+ Engineering students within the state of Andhra Pradesh and have spoken at various industry forums and global conferences. TBC has an extended service in an end to end blockchain development solution that is robust, scalable, extensible and cost-effective. A blockchain solution consists of application development on top of propriety Blockchain development platform “Authox”. It encapsulates the details involved in developing a solution on a blockchain network, offers the range of features including Identity, Token and Document management.

Our Products


Single Sign-On, Subscription and Payment System.
  • * Installs new instances of blockchain and Authox platform modules.
  • * Configure Authox platform modules per business requirements.
  • * Configure Authox wallet to have payment card for the new token , now users can use the payment card to pay in the eco-system
  • * Documents can be viewed,verified , signed , sent back or forwarded and tracked throughout the workflow process
  • * Ownership is always maintained , owner(s) always has full right over the document and ownership can be transferred as well
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The First Digital Card app, based on BlockchainCreate, manage, sync and exchange blockchain cards.
  • * Customizable Identity Card
  • * Single Sign On
  • * Exchange Business-Cards
  • * Personal Access To Offices
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Use Case

Medical Records
Land Records
Education Records
Employment Records
Identity on Blockchain

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